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Better, faster, cheaper and together? Yes!

Yes it is possible, get to know our solutions. Since we use our innovative algorithms together with our clients, we make sure all knowledge will be transferred to the client as well. We do not offer black-box solutions, our mission is to bring the know-how to the client. This innovative technology ánd approach makes it possible to do it better, faster and cheaper, together with our clients! 


Higher quality

lower costs

Faster and better leak detection

Compared to traditional leak detection algorithms, HULO's algorithms showed 3 times better results. This means faster alarms, but also lower false positive alarms. This without any historical data needed!

Modular models, easy to integrate in system

With our modular models, HULO is able to localize leaks all over the world. Moreover, the smaller leaks can also be found.

Up to 50% cost saving on sensor placement

With HULO's algorithms, sensor implementation does not have to be that expensive anymore. HULO's DMA design and optimization technology allows for bigger DMA's compared to traditional methods, keeping the same or even better results.

Our knowledge

Leak detection

With a unique approach HULO can detect leaks in the very early stages on a real-time basis. No historical data is needed to detect leaks. Plug & play!

Leak Localization

With hydraulic models, HULO will localize the detected leaks as accurate as possible.

Leak volume

‘We want to repair the biggest leaks first!’, a quote we will not forget. With HULO we are able to determine the leak volume. Isn’t that nice?

DMA design

A DMA can be expensive to implement. HULO’s algorithms know exactly where to place sensors most efficiently, taking into account all purposes.

DMA optimization

The current DMA design might not be the best suitable for you. HULO’s DMA doctor will check if the DMA design can be optimised. Schedule your appointment with the doctor now!

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