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We want to save

10,000,000,000,000,000 Liters 4,000,000,000 Olympic pools 8,333,333 Water towers 200 Lake Gardas 0.1 North seas

A huge volume 0.1 North Seas

of clean drinking water

Disruptive AI technology for real-time anomaly management in water networks

HULO ai real-time leak detection

HULO’s algorithms provide water utilities with know-how about their water network. Together, we detect, localize and quantify leaks in the very early stages. By tailored solutions the knowledge stays at the client’s side.

Proven and research-backed AI technology.
Trusted by several water utilities

Can we do it together? better? faster? cheaper?

Disruptive AI technology for real-time anomaly management of water networks

HULO’s algorithms provide water utilities with know-how about their water network. Together, we detect, localize and quantify leaks in the very early stages. By tailored solutions the knowledge stays at the client’s side.

Proven and research-backed AI technology.
Trusted by several water utilities

HULO ai real-time leak detection

Can we do it together? better? faster? cheaper?

Water is a scarce resource.

Did you know that water will be a scarcer resource if we do not act quickly? 
Together, we can contribute to the solution for this worldwide challenge.


of water is lost world wide.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that up to 60% of water worldwide is lost to leaky pipes and that, in the U.S. alone, an average of 700 water main breaks occur every day.


is lost every single day.

Wasted water costs us $20 million globally each day. That's in addition to the costs of repair and replacement...


of all people might experience water scarcity by 2025

Unicef acknowledges that we need to improve the efficiency of our water resources to prevent this from happening...

Do you recognise these challenges?

We have a lot of leaks in our network. How do we reduce our non revenue water?

We get notifications of customers about leaks. How can we prevent reputational damage of our company?

Placing sensors in our network can be expensive. How many and where do we need to place sensors?

We have leak detection software, but it is based on historical data. How do we reduce the false positive leak alarms?

We do detect some leaks, but how do we also get the smaller leaks visible?

We want to repair the biggest leaks first, but where are the biggest leaks?

What's the difference?

HULO versus current leak detection software

Current solutions

  • High upfront costs
  • High start-up time
  • Historical data required
  • High number of false positives
  • DMA structure = required
  • Black-box solution


  • Low upfront costs
  • Low start-up time
  • No historical data required
  • Significantly less false positives
  • No DMA structure required
  • Explainable AI

Choose your plan

HULO gives knowledge directly to the water companies and via service providers. This means we offer two different plans.
Who are you? 

The service provider

  • Direct acces to HULO platform
  • Direct added value for your business
  • Subscription based

The water company

  • Platform designed for specific needs
  • All knowledge in-house
  • Subscription based

Our solution


Real-time modules for water utilities


With a unique and research-backed approach HULO can detect anomalies in the very early stages on a real-time basis, using AI technology. No historical data is needed for detection. Plug & play!


With AI we not only detect leakages, but also other anomalies. By direct classification of every anomaly in the water distribution network, the operator to is able to prioritise alarms

Based on multiple sources, HULO will localize the detected leaks and anomalies as accurate as possible. For leak localisation both model and data driven approaches are used, depending on the available data of the utility.


‘We want to repair the biggest leaks first!’, a quote we will not forget. With HULO we are able to identify the leak volume. Isn’t that nice?


Offline modules

Sensor positioning

A traditional DMA structure might not be the best suitable for your utility. Especially when the network is large, divided into supply zones or balance areas. But how can we make sure that we still detect important anomalies? Moreover, how can we make sure that we step towards a digital twin, having full insights in our network? HULO’s Observe™ module will check where sensors are required, not only for leak detection, but towards the ‘digital twin’ (i.e. continuously updating hydraulic models). Schedule your appointment with the sensor doctor now!

Our story

HULO’s journey started at the company Acquaint from the Netherlands, a company offering condition assessment technology for water utilities. As a spin-out from Acquaint and academical research (funded by Dutch water utilities), HULO was established in 2021. HULO’s mission is to provide a globally affordable solution to improve water supplies and to reduce NRW by doing it the smart way, ’together’ with our clients. We believe that developing knowledge together with our clients is most beneficial for a sustainable and future proof water supply. 

A lot of black-box and off the shelves solutions are offered these days to the water sector. With these solutions, the knowledge about what is really happening stays at the commercial companies selling these black-boxes. HULO is different. We do this by developing smart algorithms, together with independent research institutes. These independent research institutes continuously receive questions from the water companies and therefore help us to specify these needs and develop the solutions for these needs. 

We develop algorithms to optimise sensor positioning and to detect, classify, size and localise anomalies, like leakages. Since we do this based on the needs of our customers, it allows us to make a specific solution for every client. This cloud-based solution offers insights in the background, allowing water utilities to learn from it. Let’s make AI explainable for a sustainable future.

HULO gives water knowledge, straight from the capital of water technology: Leeuwarden, the Netherlands

Wetsus Hulo

From research to practice

In order to stay innovative and to continue giving knowledge, HULO is in touch with research institutes. Testing new ideas will lead to innovative products, which benefit the customer. In the end it is most important that the customer learns from it, instead of only using it. We only assist.
Besides research institutes, HULO is continuously looking for partners. Together we acquire and give knowledge.
Creating knowledge


What we find most important is that all the created knowledge will be acquired by the client. In order to do this, we need commitment from our clients. If we want to learn together, we need to create it together. In order to create the best suitable solutions, we always work together with the client to meet their specific needs. No more black-box off the shelve solutions. We want to make it work.

HULO gives water knowledge.

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